Canadian Tire Motorsports Park Race Track

This will be a great challenge for all with 52m in climbing per 3.8km lap.


Strava tells all. There are some great descriptions of rides here.

The course starts on the front straight and descends downhill to pretty much the halfway point. Descents are short and steep and the turns are fairly wide and nothing that is seriously sharp. In the car/motorcycle community, this track is known in North America as one of the fastest for average speeds because of the long turns. Perhaps you'll get to experience this on your bike!

The Andretti Straight

The back straight sees you climbing up out of the valley on a tree lined straightaway.  There are a couple steps as you climb and this will be a great attacking spot as legs start to tire out.  The back straight to the top is right around a 1 km in length but the climbing continues all the way to the front straight.

Front Straight

And on your final lap, we see the riders flowing through turns 9 and 10 which open up beautifully onto the front straightaway.  Virtually dead flat, 40 feet wide and a sprinters dream... unless of course you're not a sprinter and you might want to think about getting here before them!

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